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one channel video installation, 1min45sec, 2003
found footage: Star Trek Episode "Dagger of the Mind, 1966".
William Shatner; Leonard Nimoy; DeForest Kelley


The shot-countershot technique, which shows a subjective field
of vision in the shot and the bearer of the look in the counter-shot,
is used here as a tool with which to analyse an episode of the television series 'Star Trek'



martin rille


Eye attitude as keynote and ground colour
(text by Michael Hammerschmid)

The gazes of three are gazes, looks, that know something we don´t. They tell of the possibility of beeing watched, or of great watchfulness. Perhaps they actually bring together the essence of Star Trek episode 'Dagger of Mind'. A kind of ground colour, an attitude for the eyes. The eyes` attitude as ground colour - or keynote. What is said with the eyes lies in the realm of other knowledge, of a kind of 'unkown knowledge' (Michel de Certeau). Expectation, communication, community, care, attention, concentration, fear, horror, joy - they´re in the air. They involve looking , looking in, looking out, staring; and to look is often a way of listening.


martin rille

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