One Channel Video Installation, 2004

A freshly hatched queen ant probes her environment (human skin).
What sense of its own body is conveyed to its sensory organs?

Impossible intimacy
(text by Michael Hammerschmid)

Martin Rille's video piece 'Gynomorphe' conveys a stunning intensity,
confronting us with the alien nature of a queen ant, filmed on the skin of a human finger.
A hesitant turning on the tiniest of axes, wings that barely move, transparent membranes, a body in three sections, antennae, skin with reddisch sheen, the darkly glowing body of a creature: this is what we see. An almost impossible intimacy is created by the creature ant the scene, which exudes a sort of spell, appealing to something like memory. The image is initially blurred, but soon comes into focus, concentrating its whole attention on the event of animal movement, usually unseen and undiscovered. In the final moments, the picture shifts to a blurred flickering red. Perhaps time slows down for the duration of the video? Perhaps it is transformed as the viewer becomes lost in observation? Is this loss in fact possible? What ever that might mean. The alienation evoked by the title's neologism, gynomorphe, may well be the simplest and most direct resource of art.


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